What is a CSA?

CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. The CSA model for farming is also referred as farm shares. In this model you pay for a seasons worth of vegetables in the winter or spring, sharing both the risks and rewards of agriculture for the following season. You place your food dollar directly in the hands of a local family farm and in exchange receive a share of fresh, USDA Certified Organic vegetables each week delivered to your local neighborhood. If you love cooking and eating fresh organic seasonal whole food you will love CSA.

 Community Supported Agriculture unites farmers and consumers to create direct and mutually beneficial relationships around the production of environmentally sustainable and healthy local food. By joining a CSA you support small farms and a production system which provides nutritious and fresh food for your family. Check out 10 Reasons to Join a CSA, read a cost/benefit analysis comparing CSAs to other food provision systems by the Center for Integrated Agricultural Systems at the University of Wisconsin Madison, or visit the Fairshare CSA coalition's website to learn more. 


June Box

June Box

What We Offer

We are a certified organic farm with 12 CSA seasons under our belt. We are dedicated to filling your boxes each week with a bounty and creating community. With your share (both sizes) you receive vegetables but much much more! You can expect

  • 20 weeks of organic produce delivered to your Neighborhood June-October and an additional Holiday Share option.

  • Weekly newsletters with cooking tips and ideas, a list of vegetables, news from the farm and writings on topics related to food and agriculture

  • Family centered farm events - Our annual Barn Dance, All local food pancake breakfast.

  • U-pick canning tomatoes and pumpkins, potential upick berries, peas or beans (in good seasons), and gleaning (clean up harvest of vegetable beds we are done with). Note Upick is not a calculated cost in the share but is an additional non-monetary benefit.

  • Maple syrup and mushrooms (oyster and shitake) included at least once during the season.

August box

August box

  • Communication and online community- aside from always being able to contact us we have both a Facebook farm page with daily updates and information about your farm and a Facebook group as a place to share ideas for recipes, recent articles or other information pertaining to food, CSA and life in your community.

  • A farm to make your own! We invite members to participate in the farm in diverse ways. You are always welcome at pizza nights each week and all scheduled farm events but you can visit us anytime with notice!

 Common Questions and Answers

Going out of town? Overwhelmed by Swiss chard? Want to come out to visit the farm? Click here for answers to 20 common CSA Questions


CSA Pick-Up Locations

Wondering where to pick up your box? Here are the tentative drop site addresses for 2018


Taking Care of your veggies, cooking and preserving the bounty

In conjunction with the FairShare CSA Coalition we offer you a comprehensive list of resources which can be accessed at http://www.csacoalition.org/resources/consumers/  You can search sections on cooking, preservation and storage

Taking Care of your veggies

To take good care of your veggies store them properly. Click here for a great all season guide to storing all the veggies for the season from our friends at Tipi Produce. Watch for tips in your newsletter for other special crops. 

Cook up some wonderful recipes

1. See the recipes page for archived recipes from the farm newsletters

2. Read about our favorite cookbooks - * Great Cookbooks for the CSA season

3. The best cookbooks for CSA cooking because they are written by CSA farmers. You can order here or we will have these available for CSA members several times this season. http://www.csacoalition.org/resources/consumers/cookbook/

More on Preservation

The best go to guide for easy canning tipshttp://www.foodsafety.wisc.edu/

1st CSA Delivery Thursday, June 6th

Pick-up sites will be open from 1-6 pm every Thursday

Preservation Days . Come some Sunday afternoon to help put up the harvest in my commercial kitchen and take some home for your freezer or celler.  Peas, beans, strawberries, Kraut, Kimchi, sweetcorn, tomato sauce. Watch newsletter for announcements. 

Upick and Gleaning- upick is a bonus (not part of the calculated cost) of a CSA share but is something some people really enjoy. We will still offer traditional upick for tomatoes (every family gets at least 1/2 bushel free) and pumpkins (at the pumpkin pick or by appointment if you cant make it out for that event) and may offer berries or other crops if there is a specific glut.

This season we will expand options by offering gleaning times (times to come out and pick beds of vegetables once we are done harvesting). This food can be picked for individual use or as part of a group donation to local food pantries (or both). These times will be announced in weekly newsletters. Some gleaning options will involve helping us harvest something like sweet potatoes (you take small extras) and some will be more self guided (you pick the remaining peas or beans). There is no cost associated with gleaning but it is a great way to stock your pantries, to pick for fun or experience with your kids, or as a way to eliminate food waste and to provide food for lower income families in the region. 

Harvest Festival Potluck and Barn Dance, Saturday August 3rd 2019

Featuring Hometown Harmony Club – 7-11pm Barn Dance up the Road at the Weiler (Tony’s mom’s family)Farm (7-11)  This year we are not doing the potluck at our farm but will have a small open house if folks want to explore from 5-6pm - the barn dance is not at our farm, but down the road at Tony's mothers home farm. Get down at a good old fashioned barn dance featuring Hometown Harmony Club. The barn dance will feature local organic hourderves, homemade wine and beer, and several non-alcoholic selections. This event will feature our annual fundraisers for the share-a-share fund/partner shares program to provide shares for low income members. 

Athens Fair Float, Athens Light!

Known as “The World’s Biggest Small Town Fair” the Athens fair features among other things: a horse show, cattle and vegetable judging, midway games and rides, and the beer tent. Our float in the Sunday Parade has taken  first prize in the past. We always love for more people to join our homemade float in costume!

Farm Share Options

To sign up Click Here

Full Share (¾ bushel)……………………. $550

Includes a box of vegetables larger than a large paper grocery bag. Farm events, u-pick and delivery included. A good family size.

Small Share (½ bushel)…………………….. $450

Same events and features as the full share, 1/2 to 2/3rds  the amount. This share is best for 1 or 2 people or a family that does not use many vegetables.

WInter Market Share........................... $200

Includes 3 bushels, for you to pick up before Christmas respectively. Can be used as a storage share, for holiday meals or both! Wausau Winter Farmers Market and on-farm pick ups only.  

Worker Share.…in exchange for weekly work

Full share in exchange for weekly work. We will offer 6-10 worker shares where you exchange 4 hours of work each week for a box of produce. These shares require a scheduled day and shift (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, either 8am-12 or 1-5pm). Inquiry for 2017.

Community Share..................... $500

Receive a discounted full share ($500) for a commitment of 1 full day of farm work during the season. Please contact us to discuss these possibilities.

Share a Share………donation of your choice

Purchasing a ‘share a share’ allows families with lower incomes to share in the CSA by covering part of the cost. If you only purchase a ‘share a share’ you are welcome at all farm events.

Payment Plans, Low-Income Shares & Foodshare

We offer payment plans upon request but ask for dated checks at one time. We offer subsidized shares from the farm and via the partnershares program http://www.csacoalition.org/our-work/partner-shares/. If you are eligible we strongly encourage you to apply! Additionally, we can processes FoodShare at the Wausau Wisconsin winter and summer markets. Contact us for more information on this.

Market Shares from Stoney Acres

How the Market Share Works: While a traditional CSA SHARE is packed by the farm, based on what is in season, delivered to a dropsite every week for a 20 week season, and typically saves the subscriber between 20% and 25% when compared to the cost of goods at the market; a MARKET SHARE offers the flexibility of getting what you want when you want from Stoney Acres with a %5, %10, or %15 discount depending on the share size you pay in advance for. You are in essence afforded a credit with the farm throughout the season at the Wausau Farmer’s Market, Friday and Saturday pizza nights, and by appointment on the farm. You do your shopping for any item on the stand including, meat, and all value added goods, I tabulate your total, calculate your discount, and subtract it from your credit in the book I keep in my cashbox at the market. After subscribing you will be assigned a number for faster reference in the book. In order to prevent everyone from all coming on the last day of the season and quickly exhausting the market stand subscribers must spend 1/3 of their investment every 2 months of the 6 month season. (e.g. If you purchase a $600 summer share you need to spend $200 in May and June, $200 on July and August, and $200 in September and October.) You are invited to all farm events and will receive a weekly Friday E-mail saying what is on the market stand.

Share Options Click Here for Form

Winter 2018/2019 Market Share                                             Summer 2019 Market Share

(Nov-the end of April)                                                                 (May – the end of October)

Full Share $500 %15 discount                                                   Full Share $600 %15 discount


Mid Share $400 %10 discount                                                  Mid Share $400 %10 discount


Small Share $200 %5 discount                                                  Small Share $200 %5 discount

Pick-up locations:

Wausau Farmers Market and Winter Market 8am-Noon every Saturday Morning

Friday and Saturday Pizza Night 4-8pm Mid April -early November

On Farm by Appointment

Make Checks Payable to Stoney Acres Farm and Mail to 7002 Rangeline Road Athens, WI 54411 or call 715-432-6285 and I can take your information and credit card over the phone. (There is a %3 fee added to credit card payments)